Save time

Spotter makes it a snap to gather the exact beads so that you can create faster than ever.

Reduce frustration

Forget about ever having to rummage through a pile of beads ever again. Spotter isolates the selected color which makes it easy, even fun to quickly find the beads you want.

Increase independence

Give young children independence by allowing them to find their own beads without adult assistance. Spotter makes it fun and empowering to use technology with this classic craft.


How it works

1. Start with a pile of beads

Crafting with melty beads is alot of fun, but it can be so frustrating to find beads with matching colors. This is especially true when hunting for certain shades of color.

Pile of beads

Choose a color

2. Choose a color

With Spotter for Melty Beads you can easily select a specific bead color just by pointing your iPhone at the pile of beads. When you let go of the button, it locks on to the color currently under the target.

3. Easily pick them up!

Once a color has been selected, Spotter isolates that color making it very easy to spot the beads you are looking for. While looking through your iPhone's camera, use your fingers to easily grab the beads you need to complete your creation.

Pick them up

Need help?

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